Researcher overseas/invited business

Based on businesses commissioned by the Japan Patent Office, the IIP dispatches Japanese researchers to overseas research institutes and also invites researchers from overseas, thereby conducting research on industrial property rights. "Invited" in the classification column refers to a researcher invited from overseas while "Overseas" therein refers to a researcher dispatched to an overseas research institute.

Researcher (FY2020)

Classification Name/Affiliation Research Theme Period
Overseas Kengo Itamochi
Associate Professor, Kobe University, Faculty of Law
Comparison Between Personal Property and Intellectual Property
[University of Oxford (U.K.)]
1 September 2020-
21 February 2021
Overseas Yoichi Okada
Associate Professor, Meiji University, Faculty of Law
Procedural Approach on Incontestability Clause
[Institute for German and Foreign Civil Procedural Law, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg (Germany)]
2 November 2020-
1 February 2021

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