Researcher overseas/invited business(FY2019)

The following is a list of invited researchers and overseas researchers who conducted research in fiscal 2019 commissioned by the Japan Patent Office. In the column "Invited" is a researcher invited to our institute from a foreign country and "Overseas" is a researcher dispatched to a foreign research institute.

Classification Name/Affirication (at that time) Research Theme Report
Invited CHO, Yongsun
Assistant Professor, Head of Department of Industrial Security, Hansei University, Korea
A Comparative Study on the Laws Related to Technology Protection in Japan and Korea - Focusing on Recent Revision and Trend of the Korean Patent Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act and, etc. Report( 5,839KB)
Invited David TILT
S.J.D. Candidate in International Business Law, Central European University, Hungary
Institutional Identity in Intellectual Property: Comparative Perspectives on the Importance of Soft Law in Japan’s IP High Court Report( 2,735KB)
Invited Sabine JACQUES
Associate Professor, University of East Anglia, UK
Patenting Algorithms in an Internet of Things (‘IoT’) and Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) World: Pathways to Harmonizing the Patentable Subject Matters and Evaluation of the Novelty Requirement Report( 3,115KB)
Invited JO, Jaeshin
Professor, Innovation Center for Engineering Education, Chonnam National University, Korea
Harmonization of the Korea-Japan Systems in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Patents Report( 6,790KB)
Overseas Yoshitoshi TANAKA
Professor, Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Economics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
[Foreign Institute: Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute, Ministry of Science and Technology]
Study on the Needs for Intellectual Property Research in ASEAN Region and the Feasibility Study on the Establishment of ASEAN Intellectual Property Research Institute Report( 2,886KB)
Overseas Tetsuo WADA
Professor, Gakushuin University, Faculty of Economics
[Foreign Institute: Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Germany]
International Spillovers between Patent Examination Results: Evidence from Triadic X/Y Citations Report( 2,268KB)
Overseas Toshiya KANEKO
Associate Professor, Meiji University, Faculty of Law
[Foreign Institute: Harvard Law School East Asian Legal Studies, US]
Comparative Study on Trademark Enforcement between Japan and the United States: Focusing on Damages and Criminal Penalties Report( 3,363KB)

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