Past research(FY2010)

The following is a list of invited researchers, research fellows and dispatched researchers who conducted research in fiscal 2010 commissioned by the Japan Patent Office. In the column "Invited" is a researcher invited from a foreign country, "Overseas" is a researcher dispatched to a foreign research institute, and "Fellow" is a researcher engaged in research at our institute.

classification Name/Affirication Theme Summary
Invited Christoph Rademacher
Transatlantic Technology Law Forum, Stanford Law School, U.S.A.
The Enforcement of Patent Rights in Japan summary 
InvitedAgnieszka Kupzok
PhD Candidate, International Max Planck Research School for Competition and Innovation (IMPRS-CI) at the Max Planck
Enforcement of Patents on the Internet - Challenges, Trends, and Approaches
Invited Chaiyos Oranonsiri
Research Justice of the Supreme Court, Thailand
The Roles of the Research Judges of the Japanese Supreme Court in the Intellectual Property Cases summary 
Invited Li Yan
Associate Professor, Northwest University of Political Science and Law of China
A Comparative Study of Passing off among of the UK, Japan and China summary 
Overseas Tsukasa Aso Subjective Scope of the Right of Prior Use: Comparative Study of French and Law and Japanese Laws summary 
Overseas Asako Matoba Cross-border Injunctions to Preclude Defendants from Infringing Intellectual Property Rights summary 
Fellow Kazushige Ogawa Overcoming Problems with Use of Arbitration for Intellectual Property Disputes summary 
Fellow Toshihiro Tsuchihashi Economic Analysis of Synergy Effect of Multilateral Protection by Different Industrial Property Rights summary 
Fellow Masayuki HattaHandling of Software Patents and Trademarks in Open Source Software Licenses summary 
Fellow Takahiro Yuzuki Panel Data Analysis of Patent Infringement Suits: Quantitative Analysis of Changes in the Finding of Infringement, Following the Enforcement of the Act for Establishment of the Intellectual Property High Court summary 

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