Researcher overseas/invited business(FY2012)

The following is a list of invited researchers, research fellows and dispatched researchers who conducted research in fiscal 2012 commissioned by the Japan Patent Office. In the column "Invited" is a researcher invited to our institute from a foreign country, "Overseas" is a researcher dispatched to a foreign research institute, and "Fellow" is a researcher engaged in research at our institute.

Classification Name/Affirication (at that time) Research Theme Report
Invited Nguyen Thi PHUONG
Deputy Director, National Institute of Patent and Technology Exploitation (NIPTEX), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Vietnam
Japanese Experience for Promoting Patent Exploitation and Transfer of Technology to Industry and Development of Suitable System of Patent Exploitation for Universities and Industries in Japan and Vietnam in the Future summary 
Invited Yann Henri BASIRE
Doctor in Private Law, Associate Professor at the University of Orleans (France) and Lecturer at the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), University of Strasbourg, France
Why are the Trademarks Protected? A Comparative Approach to the Questions of the Trademark Functions in Europe and Japan summary 
Invited Asako Wechs HATANAKA
Ph.D. Candidate, Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), University of Strasbourg, France
What Liability for Internet Service Provider Faced with Trade Mark Infringement on Internet Auction Site and Shopping Mall? : Comparison between Europe, France, Germany and Japan summary 
Invited Stella PADOVANI
Attorney at Law, Italian and European Trademark Attorney before IPTO and OHIM, Jacobacci & Partners, IP Law and Consulting Firm, Italy
Designs – the Underestimated Weapon against Product Piracy summary 
Invited YANG, Guangming
President of Intellectual Property Tribunal, No.5 Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing, China
A Comparative Study on Court Systems and Mechanisms for Settling Disputes over Intellectual Property in China and Japan – Establishing Specialized Intellectual Property Courts in China summary 
Overseas Takeshi MAEDA
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kobe University
[Foreign Institute: Stanford University Law School, US]
How to Control the Quality of Patent Using Nonobviousness Requirement summary 
Overseas Isamu YAMAUCHI
Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI)
[Foreign Institute: Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, University of Melbourne, Australia]
On the Efficiency of Patent Examination Process for Economic Growth summary 
Fellow Risa IDE
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Studies on the Ideal Trademark Act for the Development of Regional Brands summary 
Fellow Yusuke INAMI
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Research Study on an Ideal Patent Purchase System to Complement the Patent System summary 
Fellow Ikumi SATO
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Study on Governing Law on Security Rights in Intellectual Property summary 
Fellow Miyuki TSUYUKI
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Study on Constructing a Theory Toward Solving Diversified Indirect Infringements summary 
Fellow Satoshi TSURUOKA
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Industrial Property Rights Policy in Modern Japan – From 1894 to 1911 – summary 

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