Past research(FY2015)

The following is a list of invited researchers, research fellows and dispatched researchers who conducted research in fiscal 2015 commissioned by the Japan Patent Office. In the column "Invited" is a researcher invited from a foreign country, "Overseas" is a researcher dispatched to a foreign research institute, and "Fellow" is a researcher engaged in research at our institute.

Classification Name/Affirication Theme Summary
Kevin Emerson COLLINS
Professor of Law, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis
Kevin Emerson Collins
Drawing Lines: The Boundary of Patentability in Personalized-Medicine Diagnostics summary 
LI, Yang
Professor of Law, Shenzhen University Law School
Mr.Yang LI
FRAND Holdup and Its Solution summary 
Doctoral Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Mr.Henri de Belsunce
A New Proxy for Strategic Patents and Its Application to Japanese and US Patent Data summary 
Doctoral Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Trade Mark Use Doctrine in the European Union and Japan summary 
MHRD IP Chair Professor, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad
Compulsory Licensing of Patents- A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and Indian Practices summary 
CHOU, Chih-Hao
Patent Examiner, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office
Mr.Chou, Chih-Hao
Comparative Analysis of Inventive Step/ Nonobviousness Standard and Case Study Thereof – from the Aspect of “the Problem to Be Solved” summary 
YOO, Ji-Hye
Jihye, Researcher/Lecturer, Kangwon National University, Korea
Ms.Jihye Yoo
A Study on the Status of Software Patent Protection in Japan – Comparison with Status in Korea summary 
Overseas Kenta NAKAMURA Early Clarification of Patent Rights and Innovation: An Empirical Study of Information Provisions and Post-Grant Oppositions summary 
Overseas Yuzuki NAGAKOSHI The Enhancement of International Patent Technology Transfer in Relation to National Law, International Law and Related Policies - Examples from the Current Practice in the Fields of Telecommunication, Biology and Environment summary 
Overseas Atsuko YAMAGUCHI Study on the Unitary Patent Protection in the EU from a Viewpoint of Private International Law summary 
Fellow Yuan YUAN Ownership Structure and Intellectual Property Strategy: Patent Analysis in China summary 
Fellow Akitoshi MURAMOTO Economic Analysis on Employee Invention System from the Viewpoint of R&D Incentive and Welfare Loss Arising from Lawsuit against for Remuneration for Invention summary 

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