Researcher overseas/invited business(FY2007)

The following is a list of invited researchers, research fellows and dispatched researchers who conducted research in fiscal 2007 commissioned by the Japan Patent Office. In the column "Invited" is a researcher invited to our institute from a foreign country, "Overseas" is a researcher dispatched to a foreign research institute, and "Fellow" is a researcher engaged in research at our institute.

Classification Name/Affirication (at that time) Research Theme Report
Research Fellow, Max-Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law, Germany; Attorney at Law in Brazil
The Patentability and Scope of Protection of Pharmaceutical Inventions Claiming Second Medical Use - the Japanese and European Approaches as Possible Paradigms for a Developing Country like Brazil summary 
Invited AHN, Hyojil
Associate Professor of Law, College of Law, Korea University
A Comparative Analysis on the No-Challenge Obligation in the Patent Licensing and Assignment Agreement between Korea, Japan, the US and Germany summary 
Invited GUAN, Yuying
Doctor of Law, Intellectual Property Center (IPCC), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China
The Protection of Screen Image Design - A Comparative Study between Chinese and Japanese Laws - summary 
Overseas Masanori IKEDA
Graduate School of Business Science, University of Tsukuba, Advanced Study of Business Law, Professor
[Foreign Institute: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Leopold-Wenger-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte, Germany]
Basic Study on the Intellectual Property Security System in Germany - Security Systems as Distribution and Management Schemes for Intellectual Property Rights - summary 
Fellow Itsuko YAMAGUCHI
Associate Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo
[Foreign Institute: Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK]
Some Observations on the Balancing of Intellectual Property Rights with Information Freedom from the Perspective of Constitutional Law: In Search of Basic Principles in Law Relating to Information Technology summary 
Fellow Maiko FUCHI
Doctorial candidate, School of Legal and Political Studies, The University of Tokyo
[Foreign Institute: East Asian Legal Studies, Harvard Law School, Harvard University, US]
Intellectual Property Rights as “Property”: A Basis for Discussion on Information Transaction Contracts summary 
Fellow Azusa ICHIMASA
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Trademark-related Issues Raised by the Internet - with a Focus on Injunctions against Domain Name Use summary 
Fellow Tsuyoshi UCHIDA
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Problems Arising from Duplicated Protection by Patent Rights and Copyrights - With a Particular Focus on Computer Programs Created in the Course of Duty - summary 
Fellow Masayo KANI
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Use of Patents by Firms on Competition Strategies - Empirical Analysis Using Patent-Related Statistics summary 
Fellow Miho SHIN
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
Succession of Right to Obtain a Patent in Private International Law - In the light of the Supreme Court Decision in the Hitachi Case - summary 
Fellow Naotoshi TSUKADA
Research Fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property
On Quality of Patent and Application Behavior Related to Patent Pool summary 

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