Past research and study (FY2005)

Research and study conducted by IIP in FY 2005 is as follows. The reports(Japanese text) are available at the Institute of Intellectual Property Library.

Desirable Border-Enforcement System Against Intellectual Property Infringing Goods summary 
Institutional Issues Regarding Distribution and Securitization of Intellectual Property summary 
Management and Utilization of Intellectual Property at Universities summary 
Desirable Form of Design System Suitable for Protection of Creative Designs summary 
Multiple Protection of Inventions summary 
Analysis of Various Issues Concerning the "Tragedy of the Anticommons" summary 
New Framework for Protection and Management of Knowledge summary 
Ideal Scheme for the Development of Human Resources Related to Intellectual Property summary 
Measures for Smooth Use of Patented Inventions summary 
Ideal Framework for the Future Patent Attorney System summary 
Importation, Possession, and Sale of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods by Individuals summary 
Study on Current Conditions Regarding Industrial Property Disputes summary