Past research and study (FY2002)

Research and study conducted by IIP in FY 2002 is as follows. The reports(Japanese text) are available at the Institute of Intellectual Property Library.

Dispute Resolution Systems for Industrial Property in Japan and Foreign Countries summary 
Trademark System in the 21st Century summary 
Desirable Way of Employees' Inventions System summary 
Ways of Protecting New Technology Related Inventions in the Life Science Field summary 
Overseas Fee Systems and Finance Policy regarding Industrial Property Rights summary 
Legal Issues concerning Use of Intellectual Property Rights as Trusts summary 
Patent Claim Interpretation (II) summary 
Trends of Licensing Agreements in the Industrial Sector and Subsequent Economic Problems summary 
Desirable Form of Unfair Competition Prevention for the Reinforcement of IP Protection summary 
Strategic Drafting of Applications for US Patents by Japanese Companies from an Enforcement Perspective summary 
Reference Guidelines for Strategic Acquisition and Management of Intellectual Property by Companies summary 
Ideal Future Structure of the Patent Microorganism Depository System summary 
Group on Disclosure of Technology - based Intangible Assets summary