Past research and study (FY2001)

Research and study conducted by IIP in FY 2001 is as follows. The reports(Japanese text) are available at the Institute of Intellectual Property Library.

Study on International Harmonization for Objects of Protection or the like of Trademarks summary 
Study on Protection of Image Designs Indicated on the Display Screen summary 
Study on a Proper Scope of Protection under Intellectual Property Systems summary 
Study on the Desirable Form of Protection under the Patent Law and Trademark Law in the Era of Information Technology summary 
Study on Future Vision for Trial System and Intellectual Property Lawsuit summary 
Study on the Desirable Form of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law for Protecting Intellectual Property in a New Era summary 
Study on the Desirable Form of Rights in the Pro-patent Era summary 
Study on the Ways of Protection of Post-Genome Research Products summary 
Study on Patent Claim Interpretation summary 
Study on Various International Issues over Intellectual Property Disputes summary 
Study on Patent and Economy summary 
Study on the Utilization of intellectual Property Rights in a Business Group summary