Past research and study (FY2007)

Research and study conducted by IIP in FY 2007 is as follows. The reports(Japanese text) are available at the Institute of Intellectual Property Library.

‘Feature Statements’ in Applications for Design Registration summary 
Desirable Trial System for Early Acquisition of Rights summary 
Patent Examination Practices (Description Requirements) - Description Requirements in the Biotechnology Field- summary 
Patent Examination Practices (Description Requirements) -Desirable Descriptions- summary 
Typeface Protection in Japan summary 
Recognition of Joint Inventors and the Place of Invention in International Joint Research Projects summary 
New Types of Trademarks summary 
Expanding the Protection of Famous Trademarks summary 
Quality Management System that Takes into Consideration the Evaluations Made by Patent Applicants and Agents summary 
Operations of the Deposit System summary 
Problems Related to Patent Enforcement in Japan, the United States and South Korea summary 
Fiscal 2007 Survey on the Application Behavior for Industrial Property Rights of Japanese Companies summary