Patent Law. 3rd ed. (2016)

Title Patent Law. 3rd ed. (Law Lectures Series)
Author Prof. Nobuhiro Nakayama
Publisher Koubundou
Date 2016.3

This is the English translation from “Patent Act [3rd ed.]” (Koubundou, 2016), written in Japanese. The original author has given permission for translation and publication. The translation was created by a translation company at the request of Foundation for Intellectual Property, Institute of Intellectual Property. The original author or Foundation for Intellectual Property, Institute of Intellectual Property is not responsible for any discrepancies that may exist between the Japanese and English versions. Readers are recommended to confirm the original Japanese version when formally referencing or citing the text.

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Chapter I Overview
 §1. Introduction
 §2. History of Industrial Property Law
Chapter II Patent Rights
 §1. Creation of Right
 §2. Procedures for Obtaining a Patent
 §3. Oppositions/Trials/Retrials/Advisory Opinions on the Technical Scope of a Patented Invention
 §4. Litigation for Rescinding a Trial Decision, etc. (Article 178 onward of the Patent Act)
 §5. Dispute for Rescinding a Disposition by the Commissioner of the JPO, etc.
 §6. Nature of a Patent Right
 §7. Effects of a Patent Right
 §8. Infringement
 §9. Patent Right as the Subject of a Transaction
 §10. Obligations Pertaining to a Patent Right
 §11. Duration and Extinguishment of Patent Rights
 §12. Criminal Penalties

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