Past research and study (FY2016)

Research and study conducted by IIP in FY 2016 is as follows.The reports(Japanese text) are available at the Institute of Intellectual Property Library.

Research on Issues Concerning Distinctiveness of Trademarks (from the Viewpoints of "Protection of Certification Marks" and "Definition of Trademark") summary 
Actual Conditions and Problems of Protection of Patent Rights for Tissue-Engineered Medical Products, etc., In Vitro Diagnostic Medicines, etc. as Provided in Article 2, Item (ii) of the Order for Enforcement of the Patent Act summary 
Research Paper Concerning How the Creations Made by Use of AI and 3D Printing Data Should Be Protected under Industrial Property Law summary 
Research on Appropriate Protection of Rights against Cross-Border Infringement Involving Network-Related Inventions summary 
Research on Companies' Responses to the New Employee Invention System summary 
Report of FY2016 Research on SME Assistance Programs Centered on Patent Fee Reduction/Exemption System summary 
Collection of Information on the Procedures Concenring the International Trademark Application based on the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks summary 
Review Survey on Consistency with TRIPS Agreement of Intellectual Property Related Laws and Regulations in Respective Countries Fiscal 2016 summary 
Research Report on Enforcement of Standard-essential Patent in Major Countries summary 

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