IIP Patent Database

IIP Patent Database (IIP Patent DB) is a database developed for statistical analysis of patents based on the Japan Patent Office (JPO) “Standardized Data.“ Intellectual Property Institute (IIP) provides the IIP patent DB to further promote patent statistical research.


Akira Goto, Kazuyuki Motohashi (2007) “Construction of a Japanese Patent Database and a First Look at Japanese Patenting Activities,” Research Policy, 36 (9), 1431-1442.

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Terms of service

  1. The IIP Patent DB is provided only for use by academic research institutions and other institutions for academic research purposes and cannot be used for commercial purposes. (Since the IIP Patent DB contains personal information, it is provided only when falling under Article 76, Paragraph 1, Item 3 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information: "a university and other organization or group aimed at academic studies, or a person belonging thereto: a purpose of being provided for use in academic studies.")
  2. When publishing the results obtained using the IIP Patent DB, please state that you used the IIP Patent DB.
  3. The copyright of the IIP Patent DB belongs to IIP.
  4. Users should use the IIP patent DB at their own risk. IIP is not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of data and information on the site.
  5. If any act giving a disadvantage to a third party, interfering with the operation of the DB, registering the user illegally, transferring, lending, misusing the password, or performing any other act that IIP deems inappropriate, the use of such users may be suspended.
  6. Specifications and services of the IIP Patent DB are subject to change or suspension without notice.

Overview of IIP Patent DB User’s Manual

The “IIP Patent Database 2020” (IIP-DB 2020) was created based on the JPO's “Standardized Data” (up to the 25th (final) provided in 2019) and contains application information from 1964 inputted by the JPO by September 16, 2019.

The database consists of five data tables (tab-separated text files): 1) application table, 2) applicant table, 3) inventor table, 4) rights holder table, and 5) citation table. See the User's Manual for details.

Application for use

Apply from the usage application form below.
We will send you information on how to use the DB by e-mail.
Please read the above terms of service carefully before applying. Thank you.

Contact Information

For inquiries about IIP Patent DB, please contact below.

  • IIP Patent DB contains personal data such as individual applicants. These personal data are included to realize higher-quality academic research at the individual applicant level. The provision of the personal data will be suspended upon the request of the personal.
  • We would appreciate it if you found any problems.

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