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Invited Overseas Researchers

 IIP has been entrusted by the Japan Paten Office (JPO) to provide the opportunities for overseas researchers in the field of industrial property right to carry out their research activities in Japan.

Name Title/Affiliation FY
Wang, Runhua Ms. Runhua Wang Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, College of Law 2018
Ana Ramalho Ms. Ana Ramalho Assistant Professor, Maastricht University 2017
KAO, Chien-Chung Mr. KAO, Chien-Chung Patent examiner, Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan 2017
Tatiana Machado Alves Ms. Tatiana Machado Alves Ph.D. candidate (Law School – State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); M.A. and LL.B. (State University of Rio de Janeiro); Attorney-at-law (Licks Attorneys, Rio de Janeiro) 2017
Viola Prifti Ms. Viola Prifti Dr. juris, Hamburg University, Institute of Law & Economics 2017
Shubha Ghosh Mr. Shubha Ghosh Crandall Melvin Professor of Law, Syracuse University College of Law, Syracuse, New York, USA 2017
Dr. Ravindra Sadanand Chingale Dr. Ravindra Sadanand Chingale Patent Agent, Indian Patent Office
Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Wu, Weiguang Mr. WU, Weiguang Associate Professor of Intellectual property law and IT law in Tsinghua University Law School, Beijing, China 2017
Hu, Jingjing Ms. Hu, Jingjing Ph.D. of Law ( Law School of Peking University) 2016
Dhanpat Ram Agarwal Dr. Dhanpat Ram Agarwal Director,
Institute of International Trade (Center for WTO Studies)
Federica Baldan Ms. Federica Baldan PhD Researcher at University of Antwerp, Government & Law Research Group 2016
Matteo Dragoni Mr. Matteo Dragoni Ph.D.; LL.M.; Attorney at Law
Research Fellow, University of Pavia
LIU, Yinliang Mr.Liu Yinliang Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Peking University Law School, China 2016
Jeremy Nathan Sheff Mr.Jeremy Nathan Sheff Professor of Law
Director, Intellectual Property Law Center
St. John’s University School of Law
Yoo, Ji-Hye Ms.Jihye Yoo Senior Research Fellow, Lecturer, The institute of Comparative Legal Studies, Kangwon National University, Korea 2015
Chou, Chih-Hao Mr.Chou, Chih-Hao Patent Examiner, Section 6, Second Patent Dividion,Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs 2015
Martin Husovec Mr. Martin Husovec Assistant Professor, University of Tilburg (Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society & Tilburg Law and Economics Center) 2015
Henri de Belsunce Mr.Henri de Belsunce Research fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich 2015
Li, Yang Yang Li Associate Professor, Northwest University of Political Science and Law of China 2015
Kevin Emerson Collins Kevin Emerson Collins Professor of law,
School of Law, Washington University in St. Louis
Wu, Chia-Ying Chia-Ying Wu Deputy Director, Second Patent Division
Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO),
Ministry of Economic Affairs (R.O.C.)
Jeon,SeongTae Jeon,SeongTae Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Intellectual Property 2014
Apostolos Chronopoulos Apostolos Chronopoulos Lecturer, Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University of London 2014
Benjamin Piwei Liu Benjamin Piwei Liu Assistant Professor of Law, John Marshall Law School 2014
Ramesh Bikram Karky Ramesh Bikram Karky International Expert Consultant and Researcher, Independent 2013
Petr Kosik Petr Kosik Civil and business law judge at the District Court in Ústí nad Labem 2013
Carol Mullins Hayes Carol M. Hayes Research Associate, University of Illinois College of Law 2013
Stella Padovani Stella Padovani Attorney at Law, Italian barrister;
Italian and European Trademark and Design Attorney at Jacobacci & Partners, Milan office, Italy.
Asako WECHS HATANAKA WECHS HATANAKA Asako Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Ritsumeikan University 2012
Nguyen Thi Phuong NGUYEN Thi Phuong Deputy Director, National Institute of Patent and Technology Exploitation (NIPTEX), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) 2012
Yang Guangming
Yang Guangming President, Xiushan County People's Court 2012
Yann Henri Basire
Yann Basire Associate professor at the University of Haute Alsace
Lecturer, International Study Center of Intellectual Property, University of Strasbourg
Pessi Juho Antti Honkasalo
Vikrant Narayan Vasudeva Associate, Krogerus, Finland 2011
Vikrant Narayan Vasudeva
Vikrant Narayan Vasudeva ・Advocate,Supreme Court of India
・Visiting Faculty, Indian Law Institute, India
・Visiting Faculty, Indian Society of International Law
・Proprietor of Vikrant Narayan Vasudeva Law Offices
Dong Tao Dong Tao Associate Professor
Section Chief, Research Section I, Intellectual Property Development Research Center of The State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO)
Luca Escoffier Luca Escoffier CEO, Usque ad Sidera LLC, TTLF Fellow, Stanford University, Adjunct Researcher, Waseda University. 2009
Aunya Singsangob Aunya Singsangob Dean, School of Law, Bangkok University
Associate Judge
Viviane Yumy Mitsuuchi Kunisawa Viviane Yumy Mitsuuchi Kunisawa Legal counsel, Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
Yuying Guan Yuying Guan Professor and Executive Director, Intellectual Property Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
Ilanah Simon Ilanah Simon Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Laws, University College London 2006
Jeong Jin Keun Jeong Jin Keun Associate Professor, Law School Kangwon National University 2005
Catharina Maracke Catharina Maracke Associate Professor, Keio University,
Faculty Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University
Cedric Manara Cedric Manara Professor, EDHEC Business School, Law Department 2005
Dev Gangjee Dev Saif Gangjee University Lecturer in Intellectual Property, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
Fellow and Tutor in law, St Hilda's College
Director, Oxford Diploma in IP Law & Practice
Michael D.Kaminski Michael D.Kaminski Partner; Co-Manager, Tokyo Office, Foley & Lardner LLP 2004
Jay P. Kesan Jay P.Kesan Professor
H. Ross & Helen Workman Research Scholar
Director, Program in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Frank Gotzen Frank Gotzen Professor, KU LIUVWEN Centre for IT & IP Law
Howard C. Anawalt Howard C.Anawalt Professor Emeritus, Santa Clara University 2000
Robert H. Pitkethly Robert Pitkethly Official Fellow and Tutor in Management, St. Peter's College, University of Oxford
Committee member, Oxford Intellectual Property Research Center

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