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Industrial Property Law

   Institute of Intellectual Property is pleased to announce that the English version of "Industrial Property Law. Volume 1, Patent Law", which is written by Prof. Nakayama.
   As you may know, Prof. Nakayama is the leader of Japanese Industrial Property and writes "Industrial Property Law. Volume 1, Patent Law" as an introduction of Japanese Industrial Property System. This book is read by a variety of people, such as scholars and students who study Intellectual Property in Japan. Thanks to Prof. Nakayama's generosity, we are now able to introduce all contents of it in English at our home page.
   We hope that you would develop your understanding of Japanese Industrial Property System further and that helps our relations progress in the near future.

Title Industrial Property Law. Volume1, Patent Law. 2nd Revised and Enlarged ed. (Law Lectures Series)
Author Prof. Nobuhiro Nakayama
Publisher Koubundou Publishers
Date 2000.4
File 1 要約へ(10KB)
Policies in Writing This Book
File 2 要約へ(170KB)
  Part I Overview
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 History of Industrial Property Law
Chapter 3 Competent Authorities for Industrial Property
File 3 要約へ(184KB)
  Part II Rights related to Novel Creations
Chapter 1 Patent Rights
Section1 Creation of Right
Subsection1 Owner of Right
Subsection2 Subject Matter of Right
File 4 要約へ(185KB)
  Subsection3 Requirements for Registration
Subsection4 Legal Status before Registration
File 5 要約へ(144KB)
  Section 2 Procedures for Obtaining a Patent
File 6 要約へ(141KB)
  Section 3 Oppositions/Appeals and Trials/Retrials/Advisory Opinions on the Technical Scope of a Patented Invention
File 7 要約へ(162KB)
  Section 4 Suit Against an Appeal/Trial Decision
Section 5 Contestation of Disposition by the Commissioner of the JPO, etc.
Section 6 Nature of a Patent Right
Section 7 Effects of a Patent Right
File 8 要約へ(314KB)
  Section 8 Infringement
File 9 要約へ(178KB)
  Section 9 Patent Right as the Subject of a Transaction
Section 10 Obligations Pertaining to a Patent Right
Section 11 Term and Lapse of a Patent Right
Section 12 Criminal Penalties
File 10 要約へ(38KB)

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