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Peer to Patent Japan (P2PJ)

   Peer to Patent (P2P) harnesses citizen-experts (reviewers) in a collaborative manner to help Patent Office identify prior art relevant to pending patent applications. P2P has been globally recognized for the last few years as listed below. Now, Institute of Intellectual Property (IIP) is pleased to announce IIP will launch Peer to Patent Japan (P2PJ) in the beginning of 2011.

See the attached PDF file for detailed information
Peer to Patent Japan
P2P in the U.S.
 Website: Peer to Patent Peer to Patent
 Operating Organization:
  Center for Patent Innovations at New York Law School
Center for Patent Innovations
 In cooperation with USPTO:Peer Reviewed Prior Art
・The first trial (From July 2007 to July 2008)
 Press Release (USPTO), First Anniversary Report (NYLS)
・The second trial(From July 2008 to July 2009)
 Press Release (USPTO), Second Anniversary Report (NYLS)
・The third trial is planed after full evaluations of the first and the second trials by USPTO(NYLS
P2P in JP
 Website:under development (Social features such as “twitter” to be embedded) Peer to Patent Japan
 Operating Organization: Institute of Intellectual Property
Related project:
・From July 2008 to March 2009, IIP undertook a research project
“Studies in implementing community patent review in JP” sponsored by Japan Patent Office (JPO). Study report (JPO)
P2P in AU
 Website:Peer to Patent Australia Peer to Patent Australia
 Operating Organizations:
  Queensland University of Technology (QUT blog article)

  IP Australia: Peer-to-Patent Australia trial
  Trial term: From Dec. 2009 to May 2010
P2P in KR
 Operating Organization:
   Korean Intellectual Property Office(website:in Korean)
   Trial term: From March 2010
   Reference: Managing Intellectual Property article