Invited Overseas researchers | Yuying Guan

Yuying Guan  
Yuying Guan
Resercher, Intellectual Property Center,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Visiting Term

3 August - 4 December 2009
1 October 2007 - 5 February 2008

Research Theme

"The Protection of Screen Image Design - A Comparative Study between Chinese and Japanese Laws - ” (FY2007)


B.L and M.L degree from Law School of Peking University,Beijing, China. Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS),Beijing, China, wherein specialized in Intellectual Property Law. Full-time Researcher at the Intellectual Property Center,CASS, as well as the professor in IP Law at CASS Graduate School.1999-2000,DESS Student in Law School of University of Montreal, Canada;2012-2013, visiting Scholar of John Marsall Law School, Chicago, USA.



(Personal academic book)
“The Protection of TCEs — From the Perspective of Intellectual Property”, Law Press of China, November 2006
(co-author books)
“Contemporary Intellectual Property Law”, co-authored, Press of Suzhou University, 2005

other co-author books.

[Personal Academic articles]

  1. “A Study of Approaches to Legal Protection on the Achievements of Applied Art”,Journal of Intellectual Property (2012-8)
  2. “A Discussion on Some Aspects of Design Protection”, Intellectual Property and Regional Economic Development, Intellectual Property Press (2011-9)
  3. “A Study on Japanese GI Protection”, Journal of Intellectual Property(2011-6)
  4. “A Discussion on the Contribution Rate in Judging Patent Infringement Cases”, People's Adjudicator Journal(2010-12)
  5. “Contemporary Chinese Intellectual Property Law Research:Development and Prospects”, China Social Sciences Press(2009-9)
  6. “Discussion on China's Enforcement System of Intellectual Property Rights”, Intellectual Property Press(2008-9)
  7. "The Protection of TCEs in Trademark Field", Journal of China Trademark(2005-11)
  8. "The Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions", Journal of Korean Intellectual Property Review(2004-12)
  9. "The Scheme of Chinese Specialized People's Court", People's Adjudicator Journal(2004-8)
  10. "The Conflict between Copyright and Trademark", Journal of Intellectual Property(2004-4)

, etc.