Invited Overseas researchers | Yann Henri Basire

Yann Henri Basire  
Yann Basire
Associate professor at the University of Haute Alsace Lecturer, International Study Center of Intellectual Property, University of Strasbourg

Visiting Term

21 Ausust - 20 September 2017
21 June - 31 August 2004

Research Theme

“Why are the trademarks protected? A comparative approach to the questions of the trademark functions in Europe and Japan”


PhD in Private Law from the University of Strasbourg. The topic of the dissertation was : "The functions of the trademark”. Master 2 Degree (D.E.A.) in Intellectual Property Law from the Faculty of Law of the University Robert Schuman in Strasbourg. I was lecturer in the University of Strasbourg and Research Associate in the CEIPI.


  1. “The functions of the trademark : Essay on the coherence of the Legal regime governing a distinctive sign” under the direction of the Professor Yves REBOUL, University of Strasbourg, 2011, coming out soon in the collection LexisNexis, CEIPI (French).
  2. “Counterfeiting”, Répertoire Dalloz pénal, Coming out soon, 2012 (French).
  3. “Global IP databases”, around one hundred decisions translated and commented in 2011,, 2009/2012 (English).
  4. “The clauses (stipulations) of non-guarantee in the patent license”, Propriété industrielle 2012, LexisNexis, n° 1, Formule n° 1 (French).
  5. “Patent License. – Formation of the contract. Conclusion of the contract”, JurisClasseur Brevets, LexisNexis, Fasc. 4740, 2012 (French).
  6. “The obligations of the patentee”, JurisClasseur Brevets, LexisNexis, Fasc. 4520, 2012 (French).
  7. “French Patent. – Patent application”, JurisClasseur Brevets, LexisNexis, Fasc. n° 4400, 2010 (French).
  8. “The patrimonial function of the trademark”, Legicom, n° 44, 2010 (French).
  9. “The protection of the major sport events”, with Y. REBOUL, S. THOMAS, study carried out for UEFA, 2005 (French).